Ontario Racing Association is a group of sighthound enthusiasts who decided to get together and form a Club specifically to hold sighthound racing, both Straight and Oval types under CARA (Canadian Amateur Racing Association) and NOTRA (National Oval Track Racing Association) rules.  Our Club formed at the end of 1998 and our first year of Racing started in May of 1999.  We hold a number of meets every year from May through November .  Our race meets are normally held in Codrington, Ontario.

We have wonderful facilities which include a nice groomed parking/camping area, our BANKED GRASSY oval track, complete with 4 hole large breed size starting boxes.  We usually run 350 yard Uval races,  however can (and have) amend the size to 440 yard meets as well.  The finishing stretch of the Uval is quite long and serves as our Straight Track for CARA 200 yard Straight Races.  Our track is permanently railed with orange "snow fence" and we ALWAYS run our meets with a drag lure with a skin and plastic bags (on the straights we use a skin, bags PLUS a squawker).  Within the centre of the oval, there is a very large cool pond in which dogs and owners alike may cool off between races.  Just to the west of the starting 50 yard stretch of the Uval , there is a cold stream for cooling off, as well.  (see the aerial diagram and photos of the track below...unfortunately the photos were taken in November when the oval rail has already been taken down for the winter, however the rail for the straight track is still up.

 We also host the Canadian Iron Dog Performance Challenge 3 Day Event, which from time to time in the past has been either one day of CARA Straights, one day of  CARA Ovals and one day of CKC Lure Coursing OR one day of CARA Straights, and 2 days of CARA Ovals.  Our last 2 Iron Dogs in 2005 & 2006, included CKC Lure Coursing, and CKC Specialty show.  Our Iron Dog had in the past years since 1998 until 2003, been held during the Canadian Thanksgiving Day Holiday weekend/American Columbus Day Holiday weekend.  Starting in 2003, our Iron Dog date came to be the August Civic Holiday Long Weekend.  That is always the long weekend of the first Monday in August.

Top Overall Iron Dog Placements, Top Overall Best of Opposite Sex, Top Overall Veteran and all #1 BOB winners, receive plaques as well as the always interesting BOB prizes our club provides!  As always we have terrific Overall Iron Dog TURTLE Awards, for that hardworking, always coming last dog!!  You definitely don't want to miss that weekend of Racing!

During our CARA straight race meets we offer Longdog/Lurcher races.  In order for them to enter they must show proof of spay/neuter.  We also will include Silken Windhounds so that they may earn SWA racing titles.  We always welcome new competitors and we look forward to every new race season and having new faces, both human and dog, come out and have loads of fun.....

Ontario Racing Association

Our Track......

Aerial View Diagram of Tracks:


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